The Chance to Celebrate his Life

Today is his birthday!  He turned 54.  I got to wake up next to him and be the first person to wish him happy birthday.

We spent Monday and Tuesday evenings together.  Our official celebration of his birthday was yesterday.  I took him to dinner, made dessert to have at my place after, and had his gift and cards waiting for him to open – I say cards because I found 2 I liked and couldn’t decide which so bought both.

He told me then and he told me again this morning I made his birthday the most special he’d ever had.  I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but I’ll believe him and be happy for us!

We’ve been together now 9 months.  It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  When we first met, he was of the mind his marriage would end by the end of the year.  That didn’t happen.

He’s in an impossible situation.  Financially, she contributes nothing, but because they’re married she gets half of his assets which is a considerable amount.  And the reason the marriage is broken is because she’s violent and volatile.  She doesn’t want to be married, but she wants to get her “share”.

If he offered her a settlement to leave, she would, if the dollar amount was right.  He’s hoping she’ll leave of her own accord and for far less.

I’m waiting.  Hoping.



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