Patiently waiting

He got back home last Saturday afternoon.  I heard little.  He had much to get done both around the house and for work.  The convention was productive and informative, but placed an added burden on him.  He still had a week’s worth of work to do and was given additional responsibility in line with a promotion he’s working hard to obtain.

Sunday was the same.  Very little communication.

By Monday I was a little more than a bit annoyed.  The lack of effort during the week to take 5 minutes of his time to call before going to bed and the absent communication after he returned home and had opportunity was starting to cause me to wonder about his interest and position with regard to our relationship.

I sent a good morning message and asked if he and his wife had made peace.  I was concerned they might have been dealing with “world war 3” issues and wondered if he was safe.  Additionally, given his meeting with the attorney the previous Monday, I worried he’d decided to rekindle his relationship with her to avoid losing 50%.  Especially since he seemed to be distancing himself from me.

My message was not taken well.  Rather than understanding I was concerned about him, as well as us, he felt I was pushing a “time line” and forcing him to choose me over his money.  A lot of implication and definitely not the reason I asked.  The rest of the day, communication was strained, but minimally salvaged.

He came over late, no dinner.  He was distant.  It was uncomfortable.

The short version, he was distracted all week at the convention by me.  He couldn’t think clearly and concentrate on what he should have been because he was concerned about us.  He felt he was hurting me by not divorcing his wife immediately and potentially losing me as a result.

I told him all I’d been concentrating on all week was his making new contacts and progress with existing clients along with furthering his career with his company by proving his worth to them.  I was sending him well wishes and positive thoughts while he was troubled and unable to relax thinking I was home and upset.

In the end, if he’d simply placed a call, spoken with me about what was on his mind, brought up what was bothering him in a message, we could have discussed it and I could have put his mind and heart at ease so he could have enjoyed the rest of his convention.

I told him regardless of his continued marital status, his decision to allow it to end on it’s own, in it’s own time, I was willing to wait.  He is worth it to me.  I still want him in any capacity, in every way I have had, without interruption.

Rather than losing him, which I assumed was going to happen, we were able to put his fears and mine to rest.

Tuesday was a much better day messaging back and forth the same as always, with easy and normal banter. Tuesday night was terrific.  I made dinner, we chatted, listened to music in bed, shared favorite artists and songs from our past, then made love.  We fell asleep cuddling, wrapped in each other’s arms, and woke to make love again before he showered and left for home to work.

Today was even better.  It feels great being reconnected.  Our messaging was fun, relaxing, and has given me a renewed commitment to our affair.  He went out after work to run errands and called me.  He wanted to hear my voice which made me smile!




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