Yet again

Unbelievable!  Not getting to see him tomorrow morning as he heads out of town.  I sent him a message letting him “off the hook” and he jumped at it!  My mistake for providing the out.  At least the ball was in my court and I was the one offering rather than getting let down unexpectedly last minute.

So I’ve decided it’s time to fill my time with other distractions and stop wishing and waiting for something that will never happen.  I can’t live for what-if!

I’m going out tonight, have plans to meet someone tomorrow, and another for next week. Going to see who fits, if any, and explore my options.  Sitting at home or going out alone because he isn’t available is starting to become very unappealing.

My heart knows I want him, but my head is starting to win the race and make the rest of me fall into line.

He isn’t willing to fight for me.  I want and need to be wanted and needed.  It’s time to see what else is out there.  Who might be more interested and more available to fill the void he’s creating.


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